Untitled teapot
9.5 in|1.25 in HIGH x 7 in WIDE x 5 in DEEP
(24.13 cm|3.17 cm HIGH x 17.78 cm WIDE x 12.70 cm DEEP)
Gift of Mr. John Toki

Juta (handwritten in black glaze on bottom)
4 Juta / Savage (orange sticker on bottom); "Juta Savage / Untitled (teapot) n.d. / porcelain 6 /2" (white sticker on bottom)

White clay ceramic teapot with a porcelain finish. Pot (A) is tall and shaped very much like a watering can with a large curved handle at top. Lis (B) is flat and round with a knob handle and recesses into top of pot. Pot and lid are decorated with cobalt blue and amber colored brushstrokes.

Used: John Toki

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