For Bare Feet Originals
5. in HIGH
(12.70 cm HIGH)
Gift of Inez Brooks-Myers

Bare Feet

This is a pair of infant's to toddler's socks ("size 4-6, shoe size 3-8, approximate age 9-24 months/toddler"), white cotton and nylon, navy blue toe, heel and knitted top cuff, decorated with bear, tree and foot print motifs in black (bear-black, gray and tan), green (tree-green and black), and tan (foot prints-tan). The socks are fixed to a hang tag (tan, printed in black "From Bare Feet Originals") by a plastic strip. The price tag is still in place on the back.

Original selling price was $6.95. Purchased at the gift shop of the California Historical Society in San Francisco.

Used: infant ~ toddler | Unisex | California Historical Society

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