4 in|.5 in|.625 in HIGH x 4.875 in|4.875 in|5.25 in WIDE x 4 in|3.75 in|4.25 in DEEP
(10.16 cm|1.27 cm|1.59 cm HIGH x 12.38 cm|12.38 cm|13.33 cm WIDE x 10.16 cm|9.52 cm|10.79 cm DEEP)

ORIGINAL-INDUPOR / PATENT / MADE IN GERMANY (embossed on interior of stereoscope's base--visible when open);

Collapsible stereoviewer (A) made of black painted metal (tin?) with two round glass viewing lenses. Base is made to rest on flat surface with sides, attached via wire spring hinges, folding up to a vertical position. The back side is shaped like a thin rectangular box, with an opening at top for inserting stereographs, and a double framed opening at front for viewing the two images. The front side is flat with two round glass lenses for viewing. Below and between the two lenses is a bell-shaped opening to provide space for the viewer's nose to rest. Viewer comes with an orange cardboard box (B) with a lid that is hinged via cloth tape. On the top left corner of the lid is a black image of a stereoviewer.

Object was made in Germany and distributed by Oliver Enders, 4802 E. 14th Street, Oakland, California.

Used: stereograph | Picture | Entertainment

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