Lake Merritt Oakland
4.75 in WIDE
(12.06 cm WIDE)

PRINTED IN GERMANY (printed on back envelope flap)

White envelope with black printing. Front has an image of a stereoviewer at top center and printed on either side it says, "AMERICAN/ VIEWS" and "STEREOS/ COPIC NR. 5." Below in the center is says, "LAKE MERRIT / OAKLAND" and at the bottom, "DISTRIBUTOR: / OLIVER ENDERS, 4802 E. 14 ST., OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA." There are two black lines framing the front side. The back is plain with the exception of the words "PRINTED IN GERMANY" printed on the back flap. Envelope contained 10 stereographs depicting Lake Merritt (2007.46.3-12).

Used: container | Stereograph

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