Texas Medeine Deke
8.5 in HIGH x 19.5 in WIDE x 5.5 in DEEP
(21.59 cm HIGH x 49.53 cm WIDE x 13.97 cm DEEP)

BLACKBURN - painted on bottom

Sculpture of a semi-abstract duck formed from earthenware with low fire glaze and Luster's and china paint. The body of the duck is a smooth oblong with a short neck, head, and bill at one side. The lower surface is colored pink and yellow with mottled texture that is outlined in black. A semi-transparent black glaze appears overtop and gradually darkens from the bottom to a line halfway up the body. Above this line, a pink and white pattern appears below the yellow top of the duck's back formed with horizontal curved indentations similar to feathers. A pink and black oblong appears on top of the duck's back near the base of the neck. A patterned of hash marks and lighting bolt shapes in polychrome colors covers the neck and head and is muted by a semi-transparent black glaze that becomes solid over the bill.

6/25/02 Lynne Baer appraisal lists medium as "Earthenware with low-fired glazes, / Luster's and china paint" - p. 29 (see accession file)

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