Club Saturn
57 in HIGH x 28 in WIDE x 10 in DEEP
(144.78 cm HIGH x 71.12 cm WIDE x 25.40 cm DEEP)

Mixed media sculpture of a building faヘade. The building is composed of two main parts. A tall rectangular section on the right that is positioned on the diagonal with the corner centered vertically in front of the viewer. Connected to this part of the sculpture on the left is a low rectangular building section. Below the upper portion of the building is a foundation of gray wooden walls and red brick partially visible at lower right. The upper part of the building is colored off white with exterior walls covered in worn graffiti. At center left, an entryway with a large letter 'P' above a teal door frame opens on a red staircase that leads up to a blue front door. A second entryway with an exterior staircase and gray trim appears at center. A tall cylindrical smokestack and a round wheel with spokes rest on the lower building's roof. Large red letters "EA" appear on the ledge of the tall building section at right. Exterior staircases appear at lower right and upper right. Examples of the graffiti on the building include, "From 1912 / NO WORDS / Absolute / Jones"
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