From the Snake Charmer [...] Speaks is Painful
53 in HIGH x 20 in WIDE x 20 in DEEP
(134.62 cm HIGH x 50.80 cm WIDE x 50.80 cm DEEP)

Mixed media sculpture of a human figure with animal components. A standing human form (a) is covered with multiple ceramic sheets with patterned surface. Only the feet and head of the figure are visible from the front. The white bodies of snakes appear coiled at the center front of the figure. Near the top of the figure, the ceramic sheets form a shelf where a large sphere (d?) is surrounded by a dried snake body (i) and four animal bones (e-h). Two smaller ceramic spheres lay on the base to the left of the figure's feet (b-c?: ceramic spheres lettered b-d, not clear which is placed by the head and which lay by the feet). The head of the figure is tilted backward with antlers growing out a mound of fur on the top of the figure's skull. A curly brown swatch of fabric hangs off of the figure's right side (j).
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