22.25 in HIGH x 30.25 in WIDE
(56.51 cm HIGH x 76.83 cm WIDE)

frame, glazing
ROY DE FOREST 1971 - written in colored pencil at CR
DRAWING - written in colored pencil at CR " Hansen Fuller Gallery adhesive label on verso at BL with handwritten "ROY DE FOREST / 1971 / WATERCOLOUR #455.71"

Colored pencil and pastel crayon drawing on paper contains a figurative composition of a red-haired figure in a boat. The boat, at top center, appears to be in a river just above a waterfall. A rosy-cheeked face with a hat and green hair is visible at bottom left. The drawing is filled with geometric patterns made with straight and wavy lines, and the pastel lines are smudged in many places across the image.

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