Pier Site #24
36 in HIGH x 60 in WIDE
(91.44 cm HIGH x 152.40 cm WIDE)

frame, glazing
"N. Oliveira 86" - handwritten in pencil, BR
"SYLVESTER D.F. RYAN / PICTURE FRAMER / 5844 Birch Court / (415) 658-4984" - ink stamp on back of frame, TL and BC"SHIRLEY CERF / 132 JORDAN AVENUE / SAN FRANCISCO CA 94118 / Nathan Oliveira / PIER SITE #24, 1986 / - on monotype / 36 x 60" / pub. Experimental Workshop" - Adhesive label on verso, TL

Color monotype on paper with hand painting that depicts a semi-abstract landscape. The majority of the image includes lines scraped into a field of brown pigment. The outlines of a ship docking station appear along the horizon line just above center. A low white and green triangular form appears just below center extending from center left to the right margin. Each side of the paper is painted to form a border with (clockwise, from top) red, blue, orange, and yellow coloring.
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