Fantasy in F: The Legion in the Fog
22 in HIGH x 18 in WIDE
(55.88 cm HIGH x 45.72 cm WIDE)

frame, mat, glazing
J. Goldyne - written in graphite at BR under each image
"1o2 with W.C." - written in graphite at BL under (A)"monotype progress proof E.W.C. / finished Aug. 10, 1982" - written in graphite at BL under (B)"Fantasy in F: The Legion in the Fog / II" - written in graphite at BC under (B)"monotype progress proof E.W.C. / III" - written in graphite at BL under (C)

Lithograph, monotype, and watercolor on paper presents three images of a round arch supported by columns. A figure in a plaid coat stands at lower right near a column and looks through the archway to an open plaza with a sculpture at its center. A hazy building faヘade in roman style appears in the background. The first print (A) has light gray tones over the majority of the paper with an area of pink at center. The second print (B) includes a red, blue, and white flag at center left, and tones of yellow and blue shading the archway along with medium gray tones overall. A small group of clouds is visible at center and white particles fall from the clouds over the statue. The third print (C) is the darkest in tone and has a larger group of clouds visible at center. A crescent moon appears in the sky and the statue is backlit from an opening in the building. The prints are framed together in triptych format with specially cut mats framing the arched outline of the plates.
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