69 in HIGH x 46 in WIDE x 2.125 in DEEP
(175.26 cm HIGH x 116.84 cm WIDE x 5.40 cm DEEP)

Oil and acrylic painting on canvas contains the image of a storefront. The building has a large glass window and a sign for "FAMILY / GROCERY / WAWAKI CO." hanging from the top of the building at upper right. The store window reflects a brown house with a peaked roof. The window has several strips of tape covering cracks across the left side, and graffiti is scratched into a band of blue paint along the bottom of the window. Two black and two white chickens appear at lower right next to a wooden chair and a bottle of orange soda placed by the corner of the building. A sidewalk runs along the lower right side of the building and an automobile is parked at the curb with its front door open. A green leafy tree appears in the background at upper right and a white one level dwelling appears in the distance at center right.
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