7th of May
52 in HIGH x 76 in WIDE x 9 in DEEP
(132.08 cm HIGH x 193.04 cm WIDE x 22.86 cm DEEP)

frame, glazing
"7 MAY 1915" - painted, TL

Mixed media painting contains a black and tan graphic of a man and a woman standing before multiple figures at center. All of the figures are dressed pre-industrial revolution European formal wear. Abstract strokes and splatters of paint in blue, purple, white, and red surround the graphic. "7 MAY 1915" appears at top left in the composition. The painting has an ornate frame made from extruded plastic and painted to look like metal with blue-green corrosion. Floral lattice work appears at bottom left on the frame and rose branches with prominent thorns adorn the lower edge. Held between the frame and the painting are several objects including a model steamship similar in appearance to the RMS Lusitania, a cup, a model heart, and a plastic parrot.

"7 MAY 1915" is the date of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania, a British ocean liner, by a German U-20 submarine during World War I

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