Sun Council
10.5 in HIGH x 11 in WIDE x 10 in DEEP
(26.67 cm HIGH x 27.94 cm WIDE x 25.40 cm DEEP)

SUN COUNCIL CORNELIUS 1999 (handwritten on bottom)
PC 200 / 4950 (sticker removed from bottom)

Porcelain sculpture. Sculpture is a vessel (A) in the shape of a drum or can with a horizontal spout extending out the top at one end and a cylindrical opening on top opposite it. Opening has a lid (B) that is also a cylinder with a cap that fits inside and covers vessel's opening. Vessel's sides are decorated with hand drawn lizards or geckos on a painted black background. Center top of vessel has a a sculpted orange with sun's rays encircling it. Around the edges of vessel are 13 (one of which has broken off) birds.
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