On the Way to Wales
36 in HIGH x 26.5 in WIDE x 9.5 in DEEP
(91.44 cm HIGH x 67.31 cm WIDE x 24.13 cm DEEP)

A Legacy of Art: The Ted and Ruth Nash Collection, OMCA, August 24 - December 30, 2007

Wooden wall hanging sculpture. Sculpture has a large square at bottom, painted with white, blue and yellow dots, with two recessed rectangles. The framed recessed rectangle is painted with black, brown and yellow dots and has a dowel extending out from it, at the tip of which sits a small blue sphere. The non-framed rectangle is yellow and has 12 short dowels with orange tips and holes in the center and four sticks extending out that are painted a reddish brown. There are also various other shapes attached to the bottom square piece, all painted in various colors. Atop the square is a horizontal piece of wood on which is a dog, a dwelling, a rope, and various appendages are mounted. These pieces are also painted with acrylic paint in various colors.

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