Red Double Ender
17 in HIGH x 19.5 in WIDE x 6 in DEEP
(43.18 cm HIGH x 49.53 cm WIDE x 15.24 cm DEEP)

lid (2)
Kris Cox 1996 (handrwitten in black on bottom)

Bright orange ceramic double-side teapot (A) with two lids (B & C). Pot (A) is constructed of clay scaffolding with the sides wrapped around it. It has tall vertical sides, forming a crescent shape. A double handle is at the top center with a hole for each of the two lids beneath each handle opening. Funnel shaped spouts extend outward from the pot's top corners. The lids (B & C) are shaped like mushrooms and fit into the openings on top of the pot. All are glazed a bright orange with minor bits of yellow and green at random spots. The pot and lids have a crackle-like finish as if it had been raku fired.
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