Quill Rocker
12 in HIGH x 15 in WIDE x 4.25 in DEEP
(30.48 cm HIGH x 38.10 cm WIDE x 10.79 cm DEEP)

De Mare (etched into bottom prior to firing)
DOMINIC DE MARE (handwritten in pencil onto masking tape removed from bottom)

Ceramic, string and porcupine quill/hair sculpture. Sculpture has a ceramic inverted arched base that rocks. Twine is strung across the arch at the top third and again, but in a grid fashion, at the very top. Three metal pieces extend through the center sections of the twine at top, crossing the arch. From these, there are vertical ceramic extensions, some of which move when the piece rocks. Small ceramic beads hold these in place. Extending out the top of the vertical pieces are strands of porcupine hair. Top edges of arch also have porcupine hair extending out the top but these are interspersed with porcupine quills. Entire piece is light brown and looks as if it were carved from wood rather than sculpted from clay.
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