late 20th to early 21st century|Late 20th Century to early 21st Century
14.5 in HIGH x 18.5 in WIDE x 6 in DEEP
(36.83 cm HIGH x 46.99 cm WIDE x 15.24 cm DEEP)

A mixed media sculpture includes a taxidermy fish with painted surface set into extruded plastic. The fish is lined with fabric on the inward facing side. A large flat ceramic sheet that is visually similar to cloth is positioned vertically behind the fish. The ceramic sheet contains a graphic of a child from the neck down in a white dress wearing Mary-Jane shoes and a pendant necklace with a long chain. A three-dimensional adult face projects out from the ceramic sheet at the neckline of the dress. To the upper right, fishing lures and plastic shells appear above a triangle of clear plastic. A white glazed ceramic figurine appears at lower right.
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