Leg Monument
29 in HIGH x 20 in|15 in WIDE
(73.66 cm HIGH x 50.80 cm|38.10 cm WIDE)

Breschi 1975 (noted in appraisal, likely on bottom)

Glazed ceramic sculpture incorporating mixed media. The composition includes a large white ceramic leg from above the knee with a brick patterned surface. A cuffed pant appears to the knee and a brown high-heeled shoe appears on the foot. The leg stands vertically in the center of a rectangular base that looks like a pillow. The "pillow" contains landscape characteristics, with flat roads winding along the sides up to the lower left where five small plastic human figurines appear gazing up at the leg. Seven plastic cars appear on the pillow, parked near the human figures and along the road at intervals. Small rocks, brown lichen, and glitter are adhered to the green surfaces of the "landscape".
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