hat, 2007.56.2

Jacket is completely lined, the body in a bright gold colored knit, the sleeves in rosey pink knit, all held in place with a blanket stitch; there are heart shaped patches at each arm pit of aqua colored knit with a "spiral" in each. At the nape is a rosey pink heart shaped patch as a label, hand embroidered in yellow "Janet" and applied with a blanket stitch. The hemline is uneven with a slight ruffle at all edges. The outer edge of the ruffle is done in chenille thread. The construction yarns are yellow, green, wine colored, blue and pink, sometimes mixed with metallic threads of silver color, gold color and green. The jacket is crocheted and pieced in a double (or triple) chain stitch, appliqued in "spirals" (hence the name of the piece). The proper left side, including sleeve, is made in swirls, while the proper right side and the back is done in rows. The construction is accented with popcorn stitch. Two large amber beads are used as buttons; the jacket fasten assymetrically. Shawl collar is approximately 9 inches wide at its broadest point.

Deborah Shapiro wore this jacket for the first time to a David Bowie concert.

Used: Deborah Shapiro | Concert

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