Knitted, long sleeved gray wool sweater, fastening down the front with 6 brown plastic buttons. The bottom edge, the edge on the proper right side front, and the sleeve cuffs are all trimmed in magenta mohair. The neck and proper left side front are trimmed in pink mohair. Four decorative "bows" are separate and can be worn anywhere. Here, two are in front and two are in the back. The sweater is item "A", the four bows are individually numbered "B" rosey pink knitted bow with slightly darker mohair crocheted trim; "C" wine colored knitted bow with slight lighter colored mohair crocheted trim;"D" very light orchid colored knitted bow with a rose colored crocheted mohair trim; and "E" a brick colored knitted bow with a rusty orange colored crocheted mohair trim.

Camillian was a Berkeley based company. Janet Lipkin, Lori Hansen, Amy Rothberg artist/designers and Toshiko Sugiyama was the pattern maker. The production was limited (100/200 pieces) and hand knit by local women. The "Bows" sweater was featured in the fashion press--newspapers and magazines. Eventually other manufacturers "knocked it off" (copied it).

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