This copy of the "Oakland Daily Tribune" is printed in black ink, on a single fold of cream colored paper. At the lower proper right corner of the first page is "Oakland, February 28, 1874," evidently the dte the newspaper started it publication. Most of the front page, the back page and about one third of the middle is devoted to advertising: saloons, cigar stores, real estate offices, rooms to rent, restaurants, jewelers, auctions, meat markets, grocery stores, wholesale and retail candy, pharmacits, a casino, school books, pianos, an undertaker, etc. There is only one display advertisement and it is for "H. E. Wilcox, Importer & Dealer in Hardware & Cutlery." Each page contains three columns. The center, back features a poem by Frank Patton, titled "The Bondage of Drink." There's a small article about Sheriff Morse's father, A. W. Morse, getting married at age 73. Another article tells the story of a deaf and mute individual who tried to commit suicide, but is saved and assisted by Mr. Wilkinson from the "Deaf and Dumb and Blind Institute."

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