BALL/BOWL (paper bowl with strings)
c. 1985
4 in HIGH x 3.75 in WIDE x 3.5 in DEEP
(10.16 cm HIGH x 9.52 cm WIDE x 8.89 cm DEEP)

Cylindrical plastic container
artist's mark on the bottom stamped in ink of a circle containing parallel lines through the center.
small adhesive label on bottom with "4" written in ink.

Oval shaped off-white handmade paper bowl with small flat bottom. String spokes are embedded in the paper starting from the flat base through the length of the bowl. The string spokes extend approx. 1" past the lip of the bowl and hang in the center of the bowl's opening. A small paper sphere with a narrow opening (similar to a broken egg shell) rests in the bottom of the bowl.

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