Sierra Nevada
c. 1920 - 1989
8.125 in HIGH x 6.875 in WIDE x 1 in DEEP
(20.64 cm HIGH x 17.46 cm WIDE x 2.54 cm DEEP)

"Siegrist" - painted on verso, TC
"SIERRA NEVADA" - painted on verso, BC

A small oil painting on board contains an abstract composition in shades of orange and black. The surface of the painting is textured with paint and a slight waffle pattern is visible from the board support. Paint appears thinner at top and is applied in thicker quantities in the lower margins. The surface color is gradated from dusty orange, to black, to dark brown. A metallic silver wooden frame is attached around the edges, and the back of the piece is painted black. The support board is nailed to four pieces of wood from the recto, and paint loss on the surface has revealed several nail heads.
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