This is possibly a twined Nootka hat owing to the materials of its construction (cedar) and distinct dyed beargrass overlay. However, most Nootka basket hats are conical--many are painted with totemic, anthropomorphic designs. This basket hat appears to have been woven in the style of the lower Klamath River people (i.e. Hupa, Karok). Considering other Nootka and Hupa baskets in this particular collection (2007.91) and the similarity of weave in the Nootka pieces, it is certainly possible that there may have been a relationship between the Hupa weaver and Nootka weaver that is expressed in this hybridized representation of two cultures. The artifact is finely woven with natural, red, yellow, and dark green dyed beargrass overlay, and depicts three birds, possibly ravens or ducks on the crown. PCK
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