A: Jacket, cut short (to the waist like a charro jacket) of tan wool. Appliqued in gold colored felt in an intricate design on the collar, down the front edges, around the hem, two breast pockets, on upper sleeves and just above the cuff area on the front of the sleeves. Horseshoe-shaped clasps in silver colored metal, fasten the jacket at the front, just below the shawl collar. There are three sets of three shoeshoe decorations at either cuff. (The horseshoe in the center of each set is smaller than the outer two, held in position with two sets of chains per decoration. Lined in beig acetate satin. B: Matching tan wool skirt, with a high and wide waistband, slit on both sides (for horseback riding) decorated with a band of machine made brocaded tape down the center back and the center front. On either side of the tape are bands of the appliqued felt, matching color and patterns to the jacket. It fastens with two buttons (with fabric loops) at the proper left, and a zipper. C: Trousers, matching tan wool, also has a high and wide waistband, the trousers are completely lined in tan cotton twill. They fasten on the proper left with one button, a fabric loop and a zipper. (There's not felt decorations on the trousers.

Used: horseback riding

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