A: Jacket, blue wool, decorated with a meandering design of white rayon soutache braid, machine stitched in place, on the shawl collar, down the front edge, around the hem, at 4 pockets (two on either side), a medallion on the upper arms (each side), medallion at the back is further decorated (in whiite wool machine stitched) eagle and serpent (symbol of Mexico); small diamond-shaped soutache braid decorations at either cuff area, on the front of the sleeves. Lined in blue satin acetate; the sleeves are line in blue cotton. Fastens in the front, just below shawl collar, with a white rayon lozeng-shaped frog. B: Skirt, long length, blue wool and matching white soutache braid. The braid is stitched in a meandering pattern all over the skirt. The hem and the waistband (very narrow) are accented because they are braid free. There's also a scallop design around the skirt emphasized by the white tape, and the absence of tape on either side of the scallop. The skirt is further decorated, center front with a wool applique of the Aztec calendar, surmounted by the Mexixan Eagle and serpent. White latyice-like patterns are used in several places on the skirt, for design emphasis.

Used: horseback riding

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