5.25 in|8.5 in HIGH x 5.125 in WIDE x .5 in DEEP
(13.33 cm|21.59 cm HIGH x 13.02 cm WIDE x 1.27 cm DEEP)

This autograph book has a cover of stamped and embossed plastic, printed with a photo image of a young girl at a piano. The photo has been tinted, so that the girl's dress is pink, roses on the piano are also pink and deep red. The cover is embossed with scrolls and has been tinted green at the edges. The back cover is of plush, printed in a crving design, red and white. Inside are many autographs, mostly from students at Longfellow School in Alameda. One autograph, (about half way through the book) by Oscar Bryn, includes a cartoon drawing (probably of Anita, the owner of the book) with long black stockings, white unmentionables beneath her black dress, pigtail hairdo, straw hat tilted to one side, decorated with an ostrick plume, and a lighted cigarette in her mouth. It is dated 3-26-00.

An artist named Oscar Bryn did drawings for the Santa Fe Railroad Company. It is possible that this could be the same Oscar Bryn who signed this book.

Used: childhood | Alameda | Longfellow School

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