c. 1905
2.125 in|.625 in HIGH x 2.75 in WIDE x 2 in DEEP
(5.40 cm|1.59 cm HIGH x 6.98 cm WIDE x 5.08 cm DEEP)

FRANCE / AD / Limoge (on bottom of both pieces in green); "FRANCE / Raphael Weil & Co. / San Francisco" (on the bottom of saucer in red)

Porcelain demi tasse cup (A) and saucer (B). The cup (A) has a beveled lip decorated in metallic gold. The handle is an art nouveau swirl in metallic gold. The front of the cup is decorated in metallic gold with swirls and branches of delicate flowers. There are also very lightly done metallic gold branches. The lavender color graduates from dark at the rim to paler color at the bottom of the cup. There is a small metallic gold ring just above the foot of the cup. The saucer (B) is scalloped and the rim is trimmed with metallic gold. It is embossed and the color graduates from a darker rim into the center where the color is paler. One third of the saucer is decorated with swirls and branches of delicate flowers in metallic gold. About half of the saucer is decorated with the lighter metallic branches. There is a gold ring in the center of the saucer.

Used: Raphael Weill & Company | San Francisco | Food service ~ beverage

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