circa 1910
2.375 in|.875 in HIGH x 3 in WIDE x 2.25 in DEEP
(6.03 cm|2.22 cm HIGH x 7.62 cm WIDE x 5.71 cm DEEP)

Raphael Weill & Co. San Francisco, Limoges, France

Demitasse cup and saucer, A: cup, B: saucer. Both have white body, green band at top of cup, edge of saucer, gold rim on both scroll pattern of metallic gold, handle of metallic gold. Small gold band just above the foot of the cup and on the inside of the saucer. Both the cup and the saucer are embossed with petal like forms, bottom of cup, center of saucer.

Weill's company in San Francisco was the department store The White House.

Used: Raphael Weill & Company | San Francisco | Food service

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