circa 1910
2.75 in|.75 in HIGH x 3 in WIDE x 2 in DEEP
(6.98 cm|1.90 cm HIGH x 7.62 cm WIDE x 5.08 cm DEEP)

Raphael Weill & Co., San Francisco

Demitasse cup and saucer, A: cup, B: saucer. The cup and the saucer are both a deep rose color with metallic gold decorations. A decorative band is just below the outside lip of the cup and the inside rim of the saucer. From that decorative band there are flowers and leaf forms cascadeing from the rim. The handle is metallic gold and resembles the handle of 2008.18.26A. The inside of the cup is white. The center circle of the saucer is white, the back of the saucer is also white. The Weill mark in green apppears only on the cup.

Raphael Weill's store in San Francisco was the White House. The shape of this cup and saucer including the embossed petal like forms on the saucer resemble the profile of 2008.18.26 A-B.The height and diameter of this cup makes it resemble a chocolate cup then a traditional demitasse cup.

Used: Raphael Weill & Company | San Francisco

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