circa 1960
2 in|.625 in HIGH x 4.75 in WIDE x 3.875 in DEEP
(5.08 cm|1.59 cm HIGH x 12.06 cm WIDE x 9.84 cm DEEP)

On A: Lenox, S. & G. Gump Co., San Francisco, CAL. ( in green); 7620)M.157. (in gold). On B: Lenox, S.& G. Gump. Co., San Francisco, Cal. (in green), M-157.(in metallic gold).

Teacup and saucer, A:cup, B:saucer. Both are decorated with two textured bands of metallic gold decoration on the interior. A also has a band of metallic gold just above its foot and a metallic gold handle. B has a ring of metallic gold in the center of the saucer.

S. & G. Gump Co. San Francicso is a prominant store.

Used: food service | S & G Gump Co. | San Francisco

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