Renting Bicycles
10. in HIGH x 8.125 in WIDE
(25.40 cm HIGH x 20.64 cm WIDE)
Gift og Margaret Haneberg

Photo by Corwin Hansen, San Francisco, Calif. 3-1-48:23

This black and white glossy photograph has a small white border on all four sides. It is stamped in green on the back "Photo By Corwin Hansen, San Francisco, Calif." Written in pencil, on the back, "3-1-48:23." The image shows the flat exterior (front) of a bicycle rental shop ("Rental and Repair Dept."--might actually be on the Presidio) in San Francisco. There is a row of bicycles lined up in front of the shop. A man, wearing glasses, jeans with full legs and a chambray work shirt (with the sleeves rolled to his elbows) is steadying a bike for a younger man wearing "USA MD" embroidered initials on his clothing. Behind the two men is Margaret Russell, wearing her Red Cross uniform. Margaret was stationed at Letterman Gnereal Hospital on the Presidio in San Francisco and worked with wounded military personnel, entertaining them with activities at the hospital, and also healthy outdoor programs such as cycling or fishing.

Margaret Russell met her husband-to-be, Walter Haneberg, while he was a wounded soldier at Letterman General Hospital in San Francisco, and she was a Red Cross worker stationed there.

Used: publicity | Red Cross

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