Cat for Joan Brown
28.75 in HIGH x 18.5 in WIDE x 21.5 in DEEP
(73.02 cm HIGH x 46.99 cm WIDE x 54.61 cm DEEP)
Gift of Mavis Jukes and Robert Hudson

R. HUDSON - glazed on surface of faux bois at CR.
a ceramic plaque with "2002" appears on the front of the vase. Metal cat is inscribed with "CHAT NOIR / 'Mousse' / MADE IN FRANCE"

This is a mixed media glazed porcelain sculpture. A multicolored vase with a small plaque that says, "2002" forms the lower half of the work. Pieces of faux wood are attached to the top rim of the vase and extend upward in a loose framework. A pair of gray ceramic wings hang from pieces of the faux wood above the vase at center. Two plastic stars dangle from the front of the wings on string. Different items attach or hang from the top of the work, such as manipulated wires, a faux pine cone, and a white doughnut-shaped form with multicolored dots. A flat piece of metal cut in the shape of a cat face hangs from a spiral wire that juts out from the left side of the sculpture.
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