42 in HIGH x 32 in WIDE x 54 in DEEP
(106.68 cm HIGH x 81.28 cm WIDE x 137.16 cm DEEP)
Museum Purchase

Cowell Hall of History, beach platform until 2007.

Pushcart made by Worksman Cycles, "the business cycle system," in Ozone Park, New York. The cart is made of metal; the center enclosed box is insulated. It is painted white on the sides and has a stainless steel top with a hinged door on the top. It has two metal wheels, and a push bar and is equipped with four bells. It is the model themanufacturer calls ICP. The cart had decals for "Eskimo Pie" in two sides. Used to sell ice cream for outdoor ambulant vendors.

Such carts were used by vendors who would push them through the streets, sometimes in business areas, frequently in residential districts of small and medium sized communities. The bells had a distinctive tone and would summon children to the cart. Vendors would sell various frozen treats (such as Eskimo Pie) for five or ten cents each. Prices continued to go higher, fifteen cents to a quarter. Prices now for individual frozen ice cream bars, popsciles, etc. are much higher.

Used: ice cream | Vendor

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