American Hero. McCain Presidential Playing Cards
3.5 in HIGH x 2.5 in WIDE
(8.89 cm HIGH x 6.35 cm WIDE)

Vote McCain (on back of each card in the deck)

Single playing card from the "McCain Presidential Playing Cards" deck. Image in the center of the card is framed in a red rectangle. G: Is the seven of Spades and features Barry Goldwater, wearing a McCain button and holding a sign "In your [heart] you know he's right." "Barry Goldwater, Former Senator from Arizona."

There is a complete set of playing cards (52) along with two Jokers. Barry Goldwater was the Republican Presidential nominee in 1964. It was also "Goldwater's Senate Seat" that John McCain ran for after Goldwater stepped down from the United States Senate.

Used: politics | Campaign ~ presidential | Satire | Card game

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