American Hero. McCain Presidential Playing Cards
3.5 in HIGH x 2.5 in WIDE
(8.89 cm HIGH x 6.35 cm WIDE)

Vote McCain (on back of each card in the deck)

Single playing card from the "McCain Presidential Playing Cards" deck. Image in the center of the card is framed in a red rectangle. OO: Is the two of Hearts and features Joe Lieberman in a yellow zoot suit with a Star of David at the lapel, holding a hat "Vote McCain." A poster behind him reads: "Protect our allies." "Joe Lieberman Senator from Connecticut."

There is a complete set of playing cards (52) along with two Jokers. Senator Lieberman was the Vice Presidential nominee for the Democrat party in 2004, running with Massachusetts Senator, John Kerry. Lieberman has been viewed as an individual willing to "reach across the aisle" (compromise with the other political party) to get things done; for example he supports Senator McCain's views on the war in Iraq. As the political campaign moved on, Lieberman declared himself an Independent (not belonging to either the Republican or Democrat parties). There had even been talk, before the Democrat Political Convention in 2008, that Lieberman might be McCain's choice as his Vice Presidential candidate. The Star of David refers to Lieberman's Jewish faith.

Used: politics | Campaign ~ presidential | Satire | Card game

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