Letter from Mabel Beeghly to Mrs. J. W. Winkler, August 7, 1964
7.75 in|4 in HIGH x 4.875 in|5.375 in WIDE
(19.68 cm|10.16 cm HIGH x 12.38 cm|13.65 cm WIDE)

handwritten signature from Mabel [L.S.] Beeghly on back side of card, BR.
Envelope postmarked Youngstown, Ohio / Aug. 8 / AM / 1964 / 1. Address on front, 1319 Conta Costa Drive, El Carrito, California.

Typewritten card (A) with envelope (B) from Mabel [L.S.] Beeghly to Mrs. Winkler, August 7, 1964. Folded card, italic text on front and back. Handwritten signature by Beeghly.
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