Certificate of Ownership of Niche in Columbarium
7.75 in|3.75 in HIGH x 11.875 in|7.625 in WIDE
(19.68 cm|9.52 cm HIGH x 30.16 cm|19.37 cm WIDE)

A) signed by president and secretary at BR
A) "No. 3595" printed at TR; embossed seal at BL. B) "15043" printed, BL

(A) Certificate of ownership and (B) receipt issued by the Oakland Cremation Association to Oscar Maurer for a Columbarium niche on April 16, 1926. The certificate is printed with details handwritten in blue ink on pre-printed blanks. A blue line border appears around the printed text. Additional text appears on the outside of the certificate when folded. The receipt records a price of $150.60 paid by Oscar Maurer.

Used: Oscar Maurer

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