untitled (Group Portrait Around Tree)
5.25 in HIGH x 8.5 in WIDE
(13.33 cm HIGH x 21.59 cm WIDE)

Written with cursive script in ink below photograph:"1890." - BL, left side"Mr. F. F. [We]ton. Mr. Jacques Nathan." - BL "Mr. F. Maurer. / Mrs. Maurer. / Mrs. [We]ton." - BC"O. Maurer" - BC"Mrs. Jeffries. / Mr. Jeffries" - BC"Hon. F. V. Cator. / Mrs. Cator. / Miss Lulu [We]ton." - BR"Mrs. Mc. Kenty." - BRWritten with cursive script in graphite on verso, TL: "Oscar Maurer / 20 yrs. Old - in the Catskills (crossed out) / Santa Cruz Mts. / lived on 24th S[t] S. F."

Sepia photograph contains an image of six men and six women in a forest setting around a large tree trunk. The majority of the individuals are seated with three standing in the background. The men wear long pants, shirts, and coats, and the women wear long dresses with high collars. Handwritten in ink below the photograph is a list of the individuals photographed, from left to right: Mr. F. F. [We]ton, Mr. Jacques Nathan, Mr. F. Maurer, Mrs. Maurer, Mrs. [We]ton, O. Maurer, Mrs. Jeffries, Mr. Jeffries, Hon. F. V. Cator, Mrs. Cator, Miss Lulu [We]ton, and Mrs. Mc. Kenty.

Used: Oscar Maurer

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