untitled (Oscar Maurer eating ice cream)
3.5 in HIGH x 3.5 in WIDE
(8.89 cm HIGH x 8.89 cm WIDE)

Oscar Maurer [& alice] / his cousin Mrs. Mertz / of Philadelphia / about 5 mo. before his / death - written in graphite with cursive script on verso.

Color photograph contains an image of Oscar Maurer dining at a restaurant with his cousin Mrs. Mertz and an unidentified man. Maurer and his companions are seated at a round table with a Formica top, and ceramic coffee cups and dishes of ice cream are laid out on the table. Maurer is wearing a gray suit, a mauve shirt, and a bow tie, and he is placing a spoon into a dish of ice cream. Maurer appears at left next to Mrs. Mertz, who is wearing a gray jacket and a black and blue hat. A man sitting at the table wearing a suit and tie is visible partially out of frame at center right. Other restaurant patrons are visible in the background.

Used: Oscar Maurer

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