untitled (Oscar Maurer exhibition)
3.5 in HIGH x 3.5 in WIDE
(8.89 cm HIGH x 8.89 cm WIDE)

"Oscar Maurers / show. Oak. / Feb? 1965 / Mr. Chamberlain" - written in graphite with cursive script on verso, TC.

Color photograph contains an image of Oscar Maurer at his art exhibition at the Oakland Art Museum in 1965. Maurer and his companions stand around a low circular table with several side chairs placed in the middle of a gallery of photographs. Maurer stands at center with his back to the camera wearing a gray suit and holding a cane in his right hand. At left, a woman seen in profile wearing a long blue coat grasps Maurer's left arm at the elbow. A man wearing a long brown coat stands at right facing Maurer. A potted palm tree is visible in the background at center.

Used: Oscar Maurer

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