c. 1910
2.5 in WIDE
(6.35 cm WIDE)

A-B: Is a pair of white kid leather gloves made for a child. A: is the right glove. Printed inside is "Made Expressly for --------, San Francisco," stamped in black. B: Is the left glove. Stamped in purple at the inside, top is"E 385." Also stamped inside, in black: "Dent A ------ & Co., -----." Both gloves have three rows of stitching are on the backs of the gloves. They fasten with a single snap at the wrist. Inside both gloves, written in black ink is: "9 2862, 5 pr, Wed," written sideways (also in black ink): "9 14 87 ------."

The gloves were worn by Mary Acelia Chamberlain who was born on August 28, 1905 in Philadelphia, PA and moved to Berkeley before July of 1906, when her grandfather died in Berkeley.

Used: child | Berkeley | Mary Acelia Chamberlain

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