The vest has a shawl collar (broad at the bottom curve and stitched down), the style worn for dress or formal occasions. There's a small pocket on either side in the front. There are four machine-made eyelets (for studs) on the proper right side at the front of the garment, and four machine-made button holes on the proper left front of the garment. The lining is made of a black cloth, with a wove sprig pattern. The back and the cinch belt, also black, is made of a woven stripe. The cinch is engaged. Inner straps (from each side in the front) of elestic (which is now spent) probably helped to keep the front of the vest in place by buttoning it to inner buttons at the waistband of the trousers.

Williamson Finnell was the donor's uncle. Born in Tahema County, he later lived in Napa.

Used: Williamson Finnell | Napa

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