Eleana and Rosa, Washington D.C.
26.75 in HIGH x 32.5 in WIDE x 0.125 in DEEP
(67.94 cm HIGH x 82.55 cm WIDE x .32 cm DEEP)

C: Eleana + / Rosa / DC / 88" - handwritten in white crayonAdhesive labels on verso:BL: "Lome, Togo / 2000.0408 / Meredith / "Eleana and Rosa" / AIEP / Art in Embassies Program US Department of State Washington D.C."BR: "Ann P. Meredith / Fine Art Photography / [crossed out address] 1403 Stannage Avenue / Berkeley, CA 94702 / tel.510.558.0902 / fax .510.848.5790 / [email protected]" - printed address, with "#4" written in black ink on label.

This is a black and white photograph mounted on Masonite that shows a woman and a child in an outdoor landscape. Seen in profile, a woman with long wavy hair kneels by a child at center in the composition. The child stands facing the camera and leans into the woman, who has her right arm wrapped around the back of the child's legs. The woman and the girl stand on a patch of ground that is bordered by a wooden slat fence. Other figures that are out of focus appear on the other side of the fence at top right and left.
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