William and Gypsy at Home, Oakland, CA
30 in HIGH x 24 in WIDE x 0.125 in DEEP
(76.20 cm HIGH x 60.96 cm WIDE x .32 cm DEEP)

BC: "Gypsy + / William" - handwritten in white crayonAdhesive labels on verso:BL: "Lome, Togo / 2000.0407 / Meredith / "William and Gypsy" / AIEP / Art in Embassies Program US Department of State Washington D.C."BR: "Ann P. Meredith / Fine Art Photography / [crossed out address] 1403 Stannage Avenue / Berkeley, CA 94702 / tel.510.558.0902 / fax .510.848.5790 / annpmer@yahoo.com" - printed address, with "#36" written in black ink on label.

This is a black and white photograph mounted on Masonite that shows a man and a woman standing back to back, looking over their shoulders toward the camera. The man stands on the left and wears a long sleeve button-down shirt with a tie, pants, and a studded belt. A yin-yang drop earring and a stud earring are visible in his left earlobe, and has a full beard, moustache, and a shoulder length mullet haircut. The woman at right wears a floral print long sleeve shirt, a belt, and jeans. She has a short haircut with bangs and wears a stud earring in her right earlobe. The pair appear against a light background.
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