New Park Coffee Shop
10.375 in HIGH x 7 in WIDE
(26.35 cm HIGH x 17.78 cm WIDE)
Gift of Steve Briscoe

This single fold, tan paper menu, printed in black, was used at the "New Park Coffee Shop," 1526 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland. The cover of the menu features an image of a man and woman seated at a table; it is done in a positive/negative fashion so that the woman is seated in front of a black background, and is rendered in "white" (the tan) whereas the man is seated in front of a white (tan) background and is rendered in a black silhouette. Inside, the menu is dated Wednesday, October 29, 1947. It features "Special Luncheon" for 65 cents...Soup: Lentil Soup, Entrees: Corned Beefand Cabbage, Beef Stew with Vegetables, Virginig Ham Omelette, Meat Balls with Spaghetti, or Tenderloin of Sole, Tartar Sauce, Drinks: Coffee or Tea. Special Dinner ...Price of Entree Determines Price of Dinner...Salad and Dessert Included, Soup: Lentil Soutp, Entrees: Corned Beef and Cabbage... .90, Beef Stew with Vegetables... .80, Virginia Ham Omelette... .80, Fried Filet of Sole, Tartar Sauce... .85, Meat Balls with Spaghetti... .80, Fried Liver with Onions and Bacon... .90, Hamburger Steak with Onions... .90, Fried Scallops or Oysters, Tartar Sauce... 1.10, Spaghetti with Chili Sauce... .75, Chicken Fried Steak... .90, Home-made Sausage and Apple Sauce... .90, Rib Steak with French Fried Potatoes... 1.75, Fried Half Chicken on Toast with Bacon... 1.15, Roast Turkey, Dressing, Cranberry Sauce... 1.15, Grilled Pork Chops or Lamb Chops... 1.15, Veal Cutlet Breaded, Green Peas... .90, Drinks: Coffee or Tea. The menu also includes breafast dishes, fruits, vegetables (Asparagus for .40, American Fried Potatoes for .15, etc.), salads, fish, sandwiches, etc. The back cover states: "Our Foods are Wholesome and Satisfying because we supply only the choicest grades of meatsm sea foods, poultry, vegetables, fruits, butter, eggs, milk and other products. Anything served to you that is not entirely to your satisfaction will be cheerfully exchanged. We appreciate your patronage. Not Responsible for Lost or Misplaced Articles."

Used: restaurant | Oakland | San Pablo Avenue

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