Roma Restaurant
9 in HIGH x 5.125 in WIDE
(22.86 cm HIGH x 13.02 cm WIDE)
Gift of Steve Briscoe

This single fold menu features a profile of a Roman warrior on the cover along with the restaurant name: "Roma Restaurant, 5036 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, California." Inside, the menu is printed in black and features "Today's Specials...Cocktails...Soup...Entrees: Fried Liver and Onions.. .65, Veal Tongue.. .65, [etc.], Paste, Home-made Ravioli.. .70, Tagliarini.. .65, Italian Spaghetti, Roma.. .60, Roasts (Mushrooms Saute on following items, 25c extra), Roast Young Tom Turkey with Dressing.. 1.25, Roast Prime Rib of Beef.. 1.25, Baked Virginia Ham, Champagne Sauce.. 1.25, Specials, Saute Sweetbreads, Sherry.. 1.00, Grilled lLamb Chops.. .90, Broiled Squab a la Roma.. 2.00, Fried Abalone Steak.. 1.25, Hamburger Steak.. 1.00, {etc.}, Salads...Drinks." The other page reads: "Dinner, Olives, Radishes, Pepperoncini, Salami, Celery, Soup..Minestrone Soup a la Roma or Onion Soup, Salad..Individual Salad Bowl Roma, Paste..Ravioli and Spaghetti, Italian Style, You'll enjoy Dinner even more with WINE, Burgundy, with red meats, Satuterne with fish or fowl, Half Bottle (for two) 90c., Entrees: Fried Filet of Sole 1.50, Osso Bucco with Risotto 1.50, Roast Prime Rib of Beef 2.00, Italian Meat Balls a la Roma 1.50, Pot Roast of Beef a la Roma 1.65, {etc.}, Garden Vegetable, Special Potatoes, Dessert, Ice Cream or Sherbert, Drinks, Coffee, Tea or Milk, All items subject to 2 1/2% State tax, 1/2% City tax."

Used: Oakland

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