Lest We Forget
8.25 in HIGH x 5.25 in WIDE
(20.95 cm HIGH x 13.33 cm WIDE)
Gift of Steve Briscoe

Miss Farsou

The cover of this single fold white paper menu is printed in red, blue, yellow and green, featuring A red, white and blue (with stars and stripes) "V" [for Victory}, a red, white and blue shield, also with strs and striles, surmounted by and eagle with a green olive branch in his tallons, along with arrows. "'Lest We Forget', Memorial Day ..Menu.." The cover is signed in pencil by "Miss Farsou." Inside "Hotel Shattuck Special Dinner, Choice of Two: Cream of Chicken Soup a la Reine, Beef Consomme, Italian, V-* Tomato Juice, Sea Food Cocktail, Hearts of Lettuce, Jellied Fruit Salad; Entrees: Grilled Abalone Steak, Tartar Sauce, French Fried Potatoes 1.10, Fried Filet of Halibut, Tartar Sauce, Brown Potato .85, Omelette with Creamed Chicken a la King .85, Roast Prime Rib of Beef au Jus, Bake Potato 1.25, Roast Tom Turkey with Dressing, Cranberry Sauce and Brown Potato 1.25, Grilled French Lamb Chops on Toast with Crab-apple and French Fried Potatoes 1.25, Fricassee of Lamb with Vegetables en Casserole and Brown Potato .90, Calavo Stuffed with Crab Meat Salad, 1000 Island Dressing 1.00, Grilled New York Cut Steak Natural, French Fried Potatoes; Vegetable, choice of one Vegetable, Brown Potato, Peas, Corn Saute or String Beans; Coice of Desserts: Apple Betty with Whipped Cream, Cake, Assorted Pies, Ice Cream, Sherbet, Prunes, Jell-O, Apple Sauce; Drinks: Coffee, Milk, Buttermilk or Tea (hot or iced)." "Memorial Day, Thursday May Thirtieth, 1946."
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