13 in HIGH x 16.5 in WIDE
(33.02 cm HIGH x 41.91 cm WIDE)
Art Deaccession Fund

FAKe ass Bitches written at center in composition
OMCA, Great Hall High Bay, "LA Paint," October 4 - March 8, 2009.OMCA, Gallery of California Art, Open Space 2/3, "2000 and Rising," May 1 - Aug. 1, 2010.

This is a mixed media collage on corrugated metal that contains a hash mark drawing of two men with small heads and large rectangular bodies. The figure on the right stands with his body facing front holding a knife in his left hand. His gaze is directed down to the second figure at bottom left, who is seen in profile crawling on his hands and knees. Adhesive stickers appear at top left and center. A faint empty speech bubble extends from the mouth of the figure on the right, and "FAKe ass Bitches" is written at center. The background is divided with light brown appearing across the top two thirds and brownish-orange painted across the bottom of the composition.
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