The image is a group portrait of six teenagers sitting on the stairs of an outdoor hallway on the St. Mary's College campus in Moraga. The six are graduates of the school's High Potential Program, and include four females (African American, white, and Hispanic) and two males (African American) who are from the East Bay and San Francisco. The setting is summer, the students are wearing casual clothing, smiling at the viewer. (This image is differentiated from # 2009.1.33, in that it was shot at mid-close range, from the knees up.) On verso is the photographer's stamp, "Tribune Photo By," and handwritten in blue felt pen, "Tory Read," along with the date stamp, "Aug 21 1992." Also on verso is the description, handwritten in blue felt pen, "Local graduates of the High Potential Program at St. Mary's College in Moraga are (left to right): Halmina Marshall, 17, Oakland; Jamilio McClain, 17, of Oakland; Monica Adrade, 17, of Oakland; Carl Reed, 18, of San Francisco; Grace Veran, 18, of Richmond; and Melissa Williams, 18, of Concord." Beneath that, also handwritten, in a different hand in blue ball point pen, is "Gracia Leleda" and "Tomillo."

Used: Oakland Tribune

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